An opportunity to work directly under expert tuition focussing solely on your needs.  Postural misalignments will be identified that will help you to become aware of how muscle habit alters our musculoskeletal course.  You will be taken through a full body session using a combination of mat, machine and small apparatus as appropriate.  Your progress will be assessed, and your practise will develop at a pace to suit you.

Price: 1 hour £40.00


A two to one session offers you the opportunity to have all the benefits of a one to one session at a fraction of the cost.  The session will be tailored to your individual needs with specific goals considered using the mat-based repertoire and small equipment.  Whilst each session will contain the basics it will also challenge the body and mind based upon the skill level of clients within the session.

Price: 1 hour £25.00 per person


For more information and/or interest please don’t hesitate to email Sarah by clicking the link here: Sarah

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