MUMS & BABES Pilates & Lattes

An hour Pilates class to target the areas most affected by pregnancy that allows you to engage with your baby, helping to foster your little one’s development and bond to you. The class is followed by a pick me up coffee and an opportunity to socialise with other new mums.  

Who is this class for?

Depending upon the type of delivery you had determines upon when you are safe to commence class.  The current medical guidelines suggest 6 weeks+ following a natural birth and a post-partum check from the GP and 12 weeks after a C section. You can attend this class without previous Pilates experience or attendance to Supple Fitness classes.  

Why Pilates? 

Supple Fitness invites you to familiarise yourself again with the pelvic floor and encourages a healthy relationship towards your body and baby with Pilates.  Exercises such as running, jumping, planks and reverse crunches are not suitable at such an early stage as often the abdominal muscles have separated.  Pilates can help to re-align and draw them back together creating a flat rather than a dome shape providing support of the pelvis and the abdominal wall through specific exercises.

How is Pilates beneficial for new mums?

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor post pregnancy and labour to reduce the risk of incontinence and prolapse of the abdominal organs.

  • Realigns the abdominal muscles and strengthens them to help improve appearance safely and effectively hence a reduction in lower back pain particularly with lifting of a new born.

  • By strengthening the deep core, the superficial muscles can relax and therefore back ache is reduced when lifting and carrying.  

  • Decreases tension in the upper back muscles that are often tight as a result of feeding the little one and leaning over a cot.

  • Realign and correct posture as the abdominal muscles have been weakened and stretched causing the wrong muscles to grip.

  • Aids relaxation that helps to increase your well-being, reduce stress and post-natal depression.

  • Social interaction with other new mums.

What do I need to bring?

Mats and pillows are provided but please bring a towel.  No specialist shoes are required, you can exercise in socks (with grips on the bottom) or barefoot. 

You will need to complete a health screening form prior to attending class.  

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