Supple Fit Flow, Body, Burn

What is Supple Fit?

A unique choreographed programme created by Supple Fitness involving three elements to enhance suppleness, strength & posture whilst destressing the mind. 

Supple Flow: A beautiful sequence of Vinyasa Yoga inspired asanas/poses performed in standing, kneeling, seated and lying to strengthen & lengthen the entire body.  Breath is coordinated with continual movement enabling a cardiovascular workout thereby challenging your physical limits.    

Supple Body: Pilates exercises using light free weights or body weight with an awareness of posture in movement.  It provides complete body conditioning promoting weight bearing and bone loading sequences that you could adopt at home.  

Supple Burn: An infusion of Pilates and Barre moves with a focus on its traditional roots in ballet employing all the Pilates principles.  This component of the class is excellent for balance and poise.  It will challenge the whole body and your awareness to the minutia of controlled movement with high reps and isometric strength training (holding your body still whilst you contract a specific set of muscles). 

Benefits of Supple Fit

  • Flatten & firms the tummy

  • Lifts the bottom

  • Sculpts the legs

  • Tones the arms

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness

  • Improves flexibility & posture

  • Reduces stress levels


Is it for me?

  • This class is suitable for anyone who is prepared to sweat & ache for it! Each class offers adaptations and modifications with correction to enable you to reach your full potential.  It is not essential to have prior Pilates, Yoga or ballet experience.